Here’s how a home energy audit could save you money

It seems like electricity is more expensive than ever, and more and more homeowners are searching for ways to cut down on their summer energy bills by conserving wherever they can, whether it’s making a salad for dinner instead of using the oven or purchasing sun-blocking curtains. However, if you really want to make a dent in your energy usage, you’ll have to take it a step further with an home energy audit from ABC Cooling and Heating.

ABC Home Energy AuditAs great as the small energy-saving steps can be, they’re only a drop in the bucket when it comes to your home’s overall energy use, especially if you have issues such as an inefficient air conditioner, a lack of insulation in the attic, or air leaks in your air ducts and windows. ABC offers a 26-point inspection to identify problems and then determine the best road forward. Let’s review everything.

What’s included in a home energy audit?

The audit itself includes a series of tests to figure out where energy efficiency is being lost. The ABC team uses tools like an infrared camera to scan for places where cooled or heated air (depending on the season, of course) is escaping or entering. This helps us determine if your doors and windows are retaining the air that your system has already worked to adjust.

We’ll then look at your home’s insulation, particularly in the attic, where it’s easy to check how deep the insulation is. Our home energy audit also inspects how energy efficient your air conditioner, furnace, and water heater are, as well as how much energy your appliances are using.
This is more than just a quick pass-by conducted by a rookie. We have multiple certified Building Analysts on our team who have advanced training in the study of building efficiency, including knowing the dynamics of airflow and how moisture can impact efficiency. Many home energy studies just look at your air conditioner or dishwasher in a vacuum to determine how you’re using energy. In contrast, the ABC Cooling team looks at your home as a whole, studying it as a complete system where everything works together. The end result is a much more comprehensive and honest portrait.

Ok, an audit sounds like a good idea, but what can I do with it?

Here’s another great thing about working with ABC Cooling and Heating: we’re not going to just leave you, audit in hand, and walk out the door. Instead, we see solving the problems we’ve pointed out as part of the process, and we’re going to walk you through a ton of possible actions you can take to improve your home’s energy efficiency. You’ll be in complete control, and can pick-and-choose what steps you’d like us to take next.

Once you’ve approved the scope of work and been informed of the price upfront, ABC’s technicians will get to work. Here’s the cool part: we do all the work ourselves. This means less headache for you and more assurance that the job is going to get done right. It also means that we’re more likely to finish the project faster.

What about the costs?

Something to take into consideration: energy inefficiency is costing you on your monthly energy bills, every month of the year, for every year you own your home moving forward. Those costs can add up, and you have to weigh how much the energy efficiency upgrades will cost relative to those future energy costs.

Both the state and federal governments offer incentives for homeowners who have energy efficiency upgrades applied to their home by a certified company, such as ABC Cooling and Heating. For more on this, check out

Start your home energy audit with ABC Cooling

ABC Cooling and Heating is the best choice for home energy audits in Fresno and the Central Valley. Our team has been conducting these audits for years, and we have multiple Building Analysts on staff who are qualified to conduct detailed, scientific audits. Plus, our work with air conditioners and furnaces gives our team even greater expertise on tuning up those systems. To get started and schedule your home energy audit, give our team a call!

Four signs that you need AC repair

Now that we’ve entered the late summer, your air conditioner has gone through several months of regular, extensive use. On some of the hottest days in California, it may have been running all day and night. That kind of consistent, constant use puts the entire system under strain when you’re relying on it most. This is when things may go wrong, necessitating AC repair. In this post, we will review some signs that your air conditioner has an issue and needs repair from our professional team at ABC Cooling and Heating.

AC Repair in Fresno and Hayward, CaliforniaAC is not functioning

This is the most obvious and immediate sign that something has gone wrong and that you need to call ABC Cooling and Heating for emergency AC repair. You were getting cooling, and now you aren’t—at all. Perhaps the air conditioner is attempting to start up and failing, or maybe it isn’t starting at all.

When your air conditioner stops working altogether, the causes may vary, but the result is the same: you and your family are stuck without cooling. The simplest answer is to give our team a call. We offer emergency service, with no extra charges for nights, weekends, or holidays.

Not enough cooling

This is a variation of the above problem. When your air conditioner is working and running, but is barely producing any actually cooling effect in your home, it may be a sign that there is a major air leak in the system, that there is something obstructing the airflow in the ducts, or that the temperature gauge in your system is off.

In any case, an AC system that is straining to produce cooling without anything working is only putting itself under extra pressure while potentially costing you more in electricity. Give ABC Cooling a call, and one of our NATE-certified technicians will come to your house and diagnose the problem. Our team is friendly and knowledgeable, and will leave no stone unturned in their attempt to get your home cooled down again.

Abnormally high energy bills

You think your air conditioner is working great: after all, it’s producing the cooling you would expect and there doesn’t seem to be any other problems with the system. Then, you open your electricity bill at the end of the month. As one of the larger users of electricity in the average household, a malfunctioning air conditioner can cause your bills to spike abnormally high. In fact, a problem with your system that doesn’t cause a complete breakdown may just lead to it having to work much harder and more often to produce the same amount of cooling that it used to.

Your first step should be to call ABC Cooling for emergency repair. Even if your system seems to be fine otherwise, high energy bills could be a sign of a more serious problem or—at the very least—are a threat to your monthly budget. Our technician will inspect your system and identify areas where your air conditioner is losing efficiency, and where it needs AC repair.

Strange noises or odors

Your air conditioner was working fine, but it now producing an irritating “grinding” sound as it runs. Or perhaps there is an odor coming from the system itself that smells like mildew. Either could be a sign that something is wrong with the system, and that you should give the experts at ABC Cooling and Heating a call as soon as possible.

Strange, mildewy odors could mean that the system’s water drainage is blocked, and that water has entered the system and cannot leave, eventually leading to the buildup of mildew inside of the air conditioner. In contrast, odd sounds might be a worn gear or moving part grinding, metal against metal. The solution may be as easy as your ABC Cooling technician applying lubricant to the moving part. Either way, call our team as soon as possible so that we can identify and deal with the issue and develop a AC repair solution.

Need AC repair?

ABC Cooling and Heating is here for you. Give us a call at (559) 292-9240 to schedule your service.

It’s not too late to schedule AC maintenance

Summer is here, and if you haven’t scheduled your AC tune-up yet, it’s not too late. Here are some of the reasons you should call ABC Cooling and Heating for your AC maintenance before the weather gets even hotter.

AC Maintenance signWhy should I schedule a tune-up?

Regular AC maintenance is important to the overall health and longevity of your air conditioning system. It’s why most manufacturer’s warranties require you to have a professional HVAC company inspect your system at least annually. A tune-up will help your system be more energy efficient, help prevent a large number of problems, and extend your system’s lifespan. Take it from people who know and work with AC systems: maintenance is worth it, and keeping on top of your system’s tune-ups can save you headache down the road.

What is included in a tune-up from ABC?

For some HVAC companies, an “AC tune-up” consists of briefly glancing over your system, getting back into their truck, and then sending you the bill later. ABC does things differently. When we arrive at your home, we’ll greet you and then get right to work. Our technicians begin a thorough 23-point inspection and check process to ensure that all parts of your air conditioner are working the way they should. Here’s just some of the things that we do when we’re working with your cooling system:

  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Check suction and head pressures for compressor
  • Check voltages and amperages for all motors
  • Inspect service disconnect
  • Tighten all electrical connections
  • Inspect oil fan motor
  • Inspect coil and check fin condition
  • Inspect condition of line set
  • Check unit levels
  • Confirm proper coil operation
  • Inspect blower filter
  • Inspect and clear condensate drain line
  • Inspect and test thermostat
  • Change standard filter

What is the Guardian Maintenance program?

To this point, we’ve discussed why AC maintenance is important and what ABC does that makes us the best choice for your annual tune-ups. But, did you know that we make things even easier with our Guardian Maintenance program? As a member of this group, you’ll be automatically enrolled and scheduled for regular cooling and heating tune-ups. Plus, just to thank you for being a member, you’ll receive a number of other perks from ABC, including a discount on service and parts, an extended warranty on repairs, and even priority service.

If you’re looking for a great deal that gives you the best in peace of mind, join the Guardian Maintenance program.

What makes ABC Cooling different?

Serving both California’s Central Valley and the Bay Area, ABC Cooling and Heating is a trusted name in AC maintenance and a wide range of other services, including heating and duct work. For 55 years, ABC has built a positive reputation in the community by providing exceptional service. We truly care about our customers, and our experienced technicians demonstrate this by doing both the small things—such as wearing protective booties while working in your home—while getting the bigger job done the right way.

At ABC, we believe that treating our employees right leads to excellent customer experiences. Our commitment to our technicians has allowed us to retain and grow a team of talented, veteran HVAC professionals. From AC maintenance to emergency repair, they’re ready to help you in making your home comfortable.