Heating and Cooling Repair San Jose

Limited time offer for SF Bay Area Only

Your old AC unit, like new again!

Introducing the $129 Air Conditioner System Renovation


We clean all the baked-on plaque from your coil
(so your system cools more quickly using a LOT less energy!)

We check the airflow across your evaporator core
(to make sure your compressor isn’t operating under extra stress)

We test the 240-volt contractor
(to make sure the compressor is getting the right juice)

We run a diagnostic on your capacitor
(to make sure the capacitor is delivering the full kick)

We check your thermostat
(to make sure it’s sending all the correct signals to the unit)

Then, we calibrate the whole system back to proper specifications.


We guarantee your renovated AC system won’t break down this summer.

If it does, we’ll give you a $250 credit toward repairs. It’s the cheapest insurance money can buy!

Call us for the $129 AC System Renovation GUARANTEED to keep you cool and safe, all summer long:

888-893-COOL / www.abccooling.com