Heating Services from ABC Cooling and Heating

In central California, winter is nearly over, but the nights are still cold and your furnace is still working hard to keep you and your family warm. Whether you need heating repair, maintenance, or a new system altogether, trust ABC Cooling and Heating to work with you and your home. We offer a wide range of heating services, provided by industry-certified technicians with experience and training on all makes and models.

What heating services does ABC offer?

  • Heating repair: When your furnace goes down, you’re in for a cold night. Or, at least you would be, if not for ABC’s available emergency service. We repair all makes and models, and we don’t charge anything extra for work on nights, weekends, or holidays. We’ll make sure your system is back up-and-running in no time.
  • Heating tune-up: Your furnace needs regular maintenance to keep it running at its best, and avoiding a tune-up could lead to serious problems down the road, such as a complete breakdown or even a reduced system lifespan. Let the pros at ABC keep your system running at its best, and you’ll reap the rewards of thinking ahead, including energy savings all winter.
  • Heating installation: If you need a new system, let the technicians at ABC help you find the right fit for your family and home. We provide free estimates on new and replacement heating systems, and our upfront, honest pricing means that you’ll always be in the loop about how much your install will cost. Our professional staff is ready to install any system, and we provide you with peace of mind with our one-year warranty on our parts and labor.

What about commercial?

Glad you asked. ABC offers a full suite of commercial services for enterprise and business, including heating. We will offer a competitive bid for your commercial project, and we can provide diagnostic analysis and conduct repair work on your current system. In addition, ABC offers the following benefits for businesses:

  • We’re fully insured both worker’s compensation and liability, and can provide you with proof of our policy if you need it.heating-services-ABC
  • We offer the Guardian Maintenance Program, which means your business gets a effective and time-efficient tune-up that reviews your entire system and helps reduce breakdowns.
  • We’re familiar with a wide diversity of not just heating systems, but also business and building types.

Why should I go with ABC?

For more than 60 years, ABC Cooling and Heating has provided Fresno and Hayward, California with award-winning HVAC services, including repair, maintenance, and install. Our philosophy is that happy employees will, in turn, make customers happy. That’s why ABC takes care of our team, and they, in turn, will treat you and your family with the respect and service you deserve.

From our NATE-certified technicians and our emergency service to our upfront pricing, we’ve made generations of Californians think that heating and cooling is as easy as A-B-C. If you need heating services, give us a call at (888) 420-9463.

The Importance of Furnace Repair

Furnace repair-in-San-JoseThe temperatures can get cold here in Fresno. When the winter months finally arrive, homeowners begin to ponder if their heating system is ready to handle the months of constant running. Keeping your furnace in good working order and running smoothly should be at the top of your list when preparing for the winter. If you want to prevent your home from being without heat during the winter, it is time to call the furnace repair experts in Fresno to inspect and repair your unit.

Why is furnace repair crucial?

When you run a furnace without regular maintenance, your run the risk of paying higher energy bills and having to replace your furnace before you are prepared to. By calling a professional to inspect and repair your furnace, you will help to keep your family safe and warm.

  • Lower energy bills: By repairing your unit on a regular basis, your allow your furnace to breathe and run more efficiently. As a result, you will see your energy bills decrease and put more money back in your wallet!
  • Safer home: Having an expert look at your furnace will help to catch any safety hazards that could go unnoticed on their own. Furnaces can cause fires if left unmaintained and dirty.
  • Prolongs the life of your unit: To maintain the warranty on your furnace as well as prolong its life, regular maintenance and repairs are crucial to keep it in its best working order


When does your furnace need to be repaired?

furnace energyHomeowners often struggle with knowing when it is time to replace or repair their furnace. If your unit is relatively new and encountering issues while on, it generally means that it is time to have your unit repaired and checked out.

  1. Increase in energy usage: If your energy bills are increasing every month, this could point to an issue with your furnace. Furnaces that require repairs begin to lake efficiency.
  2. Home isn’t staying warm: If you are experiencing spotty heat in your home, your furnace likely is encountering a mechanical issue where it can not maintain the temperature of your home. Be sure to note any frequent changes in temperature throughout your home.
  3. Have avoided furnace maintenance: If you have avoided regular maintenance on your furnace, it could be time to bring an expert in to take a look and ensure everything is in great working order for the winter.

How to select a contractor to repair your furnace?

If you have encountered a problem with your furnace and require immediate help to fix the problem, you will want to select a contractor that you can trust. There are a lot of things to take into consideration before you hire a company to come into your home. Before you get started, remember these three factors when selecting your contractor.

  1. Experienced and Certified: Look for a company who has a team of certified professionals with years of experience under their belts. You want someone who can do the job right and provides you the peace of mind you deserve.  
  2. Well Reviewed: Do online research of the potential company. Search their online review sites and read any customer feedback. If you have any questions, ask the company before you hire them.
  3. Competitive Estimates: Don’t hire a contractor just because they have the lowest price. A cheaper quote does not point to quality service. Look for a company who offers competitive quotes not low quotes.

fresno furnaceHere at ABC Cooling and Heating, we believe that happy employees make happy customers. That is why we invest in giving all of our employees continuous learning and training, so they can provide you with the best possible experience. We only employ NATE-certified technicians, so you can feel at ease with your decision to choose ABC Cooling and Heating.

If it is time to schedule your furnace, schedule your appointment with someone from our team. We are available for emergencies and do not charge overtime fees for holidays or weekends.


What you should know about new furnace installs

Since the winter is on its way, it’s that time of the year when we start thinking about how to keep our homes warm. However, not all heating options are equal in terms of energy efficiency, costs and overall dependability. More and more people are getting new furnace installs in their homes. Let’s see why furnaces are a good heating option for so many homeowners.

Everything you need to know about furnaces as a heating option

Furnaces can provide high-temperature heating, so they are often used for industrial production of goods where high heat is required. Household furnaces operate similarly to industrial furnace brands and are able to produce enough heat for the entire home. At the same time, household furnaces differ a lot from other domestic heating appliances.

Unlike other heating appliances, household furnaces are a permanent installation in every home. As a permanent installation, they demand different maintenance. Families who have chosen new furnace installs have noticed that furnaces bring better energy efficiency than any other heating appliance.

ABC will take care of every detail in the furnace installation process.

Furnace types

Household furnaces heat the home by means of air, steam and water movement. Furnaces that operate on steam and hot water are usually called residential steam boilers. They can be fueled by natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, fuel oil, wood or coal. Furnaces can also operate on electrical resistance heating as a source of heat.

Energy efficiency

When families get new furnace installs, the pipelines are installed throughout the entire home. Furnaces are able to achieve a high-heating temperature in an incredibly short time and don’t cool fast when turned off. As a result, furnaces are able to warm up the house pretty quickly. Even more importantly, they help maintain a pleasant temperature by not letting the walls cool down.

Cost efficiency

The reason why furnaces are a good heating option for your home is their intermediary distribution system. Some furnaces can be set up so that they provide hot water for the entire household. Forced-air furnaces pull the cool air and return it to the furnace, while they also enable easy installation of central air conditioning.

Did you know that a furnace can also provide hot water for domestic use?

Furnaces can have more than one function in a household. As far as their primary function goes, furnaces are an exceptionally cost-efficient household heating option. They help you save a lot of money by enabling you to easily maintain the temperature in your house. By keeping the walls of the house warm, the furnace won’t have to run on unreasonably high temperatures every single day.

New furnace installs

Furnaces are in many ways different than other heating appliances. Naturally, the installation process is also more complicated. Whenever people want new furnace installs in their homes, they must consult certified professionals. The technicians at ABC Cooling and Heating can help you choose and install the best furnace for your home.

Furnace maintenance

A properly maintained furnace provides enough heat so that you don’t have to rely on any other heating appliance. However, furnaces are not an appliance that can be easily replaced. If you want your furnace to stay energy and cost efficient, regular furnace maintenance and tuneups are in order. Again, the certified technicians at ABC are available for any furnace issues you might have.

New furnace installs enable constant temperature maintenance.

Why more and more people are getting new furnace installs for their homes

Furnaces are an excellent solution for keeping your home warm and cozy during cold winter days. A well-maintained furnace can reach relatively high temperatures in a short amount of time, heating up your home faster than any other heating appliance. Furnaces operate on the constant movement on heat, warming up every corner of your home.

A properly installed and functional furnace will enable you to maintain a pleasant room temperature throughout the entire day. That’s why furnaces are not only energy efficient, but cost efficient as well. By choosing the right furnace and having it properly installed, you will keep your home warm and lower the energy bills at the same time.

The best company to assist you with new furnace installs

We, at ABC Cooling and Heating, are a company that operates in the Greater Bay Area and Central San Joaquin Valley. We offer a wide variety of services for every household, including:

Air conditioning

Home energy audits


Air sealing


Wall and attic insulation

Energy upgrade services

We are a locally owned and operated company. Talk to our licensed technicians about any issues related to your heating system. Regardless of the time you call us, you won’t get charged with extra fees for seeking our services at nights, holidays or weekends. ABC Cooling and Heating will always be there for you in times of need.

New furnace installs with ABC Heating and Cooling

Expert analysis and advice

Our technicians are NATE-certified, so you can rest assured that you will always get a top-notch analysis and accurate advice. Whether you need a new furnace install or a simple repair, our technicians will carefully inspect your home and provide a step-by-step analysis.

Free estimates

Whenever you’re ready to have a new furnace installed, you can call us and schedule a free estimate. We will evaluate your home and provide an accurate estimate, free of charge. Those that get new furnace installs also qualify for a 12-month warranty on parts and labor.

ABC can help you solve all your cooling and heating problems.

No overtime charges & Emergency availability

ABC Cooling and Heating is available for emergencies – there will always be a certified technician, ready to help you, on the other side of the phone. Whether you need our services on weekends, holidays or in the middle of the night, the price will always be the same.

Whether you need furnace maintenance and repair or a brand new furnace install, we got your back. You can call us any time of the day and schedule a free estimate.

Is it Time for a Furnace Tuneup? Here are 5 Ways to Tell

As soon as the temperatures start to drop, you should be thinking about how to ensure your have steady heat in your home. Most homeowners use HVAC systems to do this, and these come with a furnace. But this furnace doesn’t magically work “forever” just be existing in your home. You need to occasionally maintain it, and that means using professional furnace tuneup services.

5 ways to tell if you need a furnace tuneup

When the weather gets cold, takings risks with your furnace is about the worst idea you can think of. You don’t want to be left without a functional heating system in the middle of a cold winter day. That is why you should make sure that everything is in good working order – and do so before its too late. This article will help you identify some of the situations when you need to hire a furnace tuneup company.

Strange sounds

Be aware of the sounds your furnace is making while heating your home. All new furnaces are whisper quiet at first. But, you should remain on guard if you have an old HVAC system that needs to be maintained. Some of the sounds you may hear include groaning, banging and whining effects – they are signals that you should schedule a furnace tuneup. Fortunately, if you’re in Fresno you have a great choice in a company that specializes in all popular AC and HVAC systems (contact us here).

As soon as you hear weird sounds, you should check the belts inside the furnace. You might discover that there’s a loose belt that should be replaced. You may even identify some issues with the ignition. No matter what the problem is, you should call a professional company, one just like ABC Cooling and Heating, and do so right away. We, at ABC, can take care of every component of your heating system and make the furnace as good as new. We’ll give you the peace of mind you need for the winter season.

If you hear strange sounds coming from your furnace, you should hire HVAC technicians instantly

Thermostat failure

If you’ve been using your furnace for many years, a thermostat failure shouldn’t surprise you. Just like everything else, the thermostat should be regularly maintained. It’s advisable to check the furnace before every winter season. That way, you won’t find yourself freezing as a result of a malfunctioning thermostat. For instance, you can try turning on the furnace now and seeing if the thermostat works properly. Bump the heat up a few notches and see if it can handle the pressure.

Don’t try to fix a thermostat on your own if it’s not working – you will only waste your time. Instead, call a furnace repair service that can either fix it or replace it with a new one. We have a professional furnace tuneup service in Hayward that you can hire right away. Our technicians will tell you if the problem is related to the leaking ducts, or if the entire heating system is malfunctioning.

Ridiculously high electricity bills

If you’ve noticed that the electricity bills have been enormously high recently, you should check the HVAC system. If it doesn’t get proper maintenance, there might be something wrong with it. Of course, you don’t have to check it on your own – call a qualified technician from an excellent furnace tuneup company, instead. They can discover the exact reason your electricity bills are so high.

Old furnaces are more likely to cause problems that will eventually lead to high electricity bills. The average life cycle of a furnace is 20 years. If your furnace exceeds that cycle, you should consider getting a new one. Still, you can first call a technician first and let them take a look at your old furnace – you may be able to give the unit a second chance to heat your home for at least a few more years.

Having a malfunctioning furnace can result in high electricity bills

Yellow pilot light

If you’ve noticed a yellow pilot light on your furnace, it’s a clear signal that something is wrong – in most cases, the light indicates that the gas combination is causing trouble for the entire heating system. Your furnace needs to be immediately repaired, so don’t hesitate to call us, at ABC Cooling and Heating, provided you live in the San Jose, Fresno, Hayward or Concord area. What you want to see is a blue flame, as it is the ideal light for a heating system in excellent working condition – it indicates that the gases are in perfect balance.

Again, a yellow pilot light serves as a notification that some gases in the furnace, such as carbon monoxide, are causing problems. If you ignore it, the entire issue might get worse and result in the furnace not being able to start at all. Thermostat problems are another thing you should be worried about if you keep ignoring the pilot light. Remember, this light is placed for a reason and you should never neglect it.

The furnace doesn’t start

This is a clearcut sign that you need to schedule a furnace tuneup. Millions of people complain every year that their furnace won’t start and they don’t know the reason. Fortunately, there are some ways to find out what’s wrong with your furnace. For instance, you should check if the thermostat is set correctly. There might be an error in the programming of the thermostat, preventing the unit from heating your home. At that point, calling a furnace repair service is the next step.

If you schedule a furnace tuneup, you may extend the life cycle of your furnace

Electric furnaces might fail to start due to tripped circuit breakers (the power surge trips one of the circuit breakers without you even knowing about it). By checking the electrical panel, you might get a chance to restore the power.

If that doesn’t help, it is best to call our company, ABC Cooling and Heating, and inform us about your problem. Our HVAC technicians will examine the heating system, check if the gas flow is causing any additional problems and come up with a plan to fix the system.

Some of the benefits we offer include:

Free estimates on new units Labor warranty
Affordable diagnostic fee for service calls Emergency service

We won’t charge you anything extra if you seek our services on weekends or holidays. Our experienced technicians are always ready to diagnose and fix your furnace in no time.

ABC Heating and Cooling – What to Look for in Repair Professionals

People usually don’t pay much attention to their heating and cooling systems until they are broken. It seems that the “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” proverb perfectly applies to cooling in summer and heating in winter. Since you’ve decided to read this article, I believe you have found yourself in a situation that made you realize this. The good news is that if you live in Fresno, San Jose, Haryward, and Concord CA, you have no reason to worry. The ABC Heating and Cooling professionals are here to help you.

What do you need to look for when choosing heating and cooling repair professionals?

When your heating or cooling is down, the most important thing is to have someone who can come right away. What if your AC or heating device breaks in the middle of the night, during extremely hot or cold temperatures? Can you wait until the morning? Well, even if you can, you shouldn’t. One of the first things to look for in a company offering repairing services is emergency availability.

Another important thing is to find a company with tradition. Why? Because a company that has been operating for years on the market has enough experience to deal with any type of problem. It has been through so many different situations throughout the years, that it has most likely dealt with situations like yours in the past.

Moreover, an experienced company keeps track of all the novelties in the heating and cooling industry. You can be sure that the people it sends will be able to find their way around any type of cooling and heating device.


A company with tradition can offer warranties and quality guarantees. It only uses high quality tools and offers high quality services. An experienced company brings practical knowledge that can ensure quick and efficient service.  

However, being open for business for many years does not guarantee having proper knowledge and experience. So, aside from the years, you should look for some other signs, too. If a company has been on the market for a long time, you should easily find some positive reviews from other customers. Based on other people’s stories, you can learn what to expect when you give that company a call.

See if the company holds on to some standards regarding its heating and cooling repair technicians. Make sure that you are not taking a gamble when dialing that emergency number, wondering what type of technician will come to your home. Look for a company that invests in every team member to bring out the best for the customers. The knowledge of a company in its field is worth nothing if it can’t pass that knowledge to its newest and least experienced employees.  

Why are ABC Heating and Cooling repair professionals the right people to call?

It’s easier to just cut to the chase and say that ABC Heating and Cooling offers everything that was mentioned above. But, I would like to go into more detail and help you make your own decision. Here are the things which make ABC Heating and Cooling better than the rest:  


Let’s start with the fact that ABC Heating and Cooling has been serving Fresno, San Jose, Hayward and other CA cities for over 60 years. During this time, we have accumulated precious experience and learned many important things. One of them is that heating and cooling issues don’t always happen between 8am and 5pm. On the contrary, these problems usually occur when you least expect them!

That is why we have our emergency service ready to diagnose and fix any heating or cooling related issue you may have, regardless of the time of day. What is even more important – you can be sure that we will never charge you extra fees if you call us on evenings, weekends, or even holidays. We know what emergency means and we are ready to give you back your peace of mind.

Being in the business for more than half a decade, we know that customers deserve nothing less than the highest level of service. We carry cooling and heating brands from manufacturers which are proven leaders and innovators in the industry. They offer outstanding warranties on both parts and labor.

We take pride in the fact that people recognize the quality we offer. Independent consumer publications rate our heating and cooling products as Best Buys. Thanks to the perfect combination of quality products and experience, we have received numerous awards over the years.

Best technicians in California

This may sound a bit immodest, but we truly have some of the best HVAC techs in California! We ensure this from the very start by hiring only the best. We pick people who are honest, professional, and dedicated. We nurture every talent we take, so that we can go above and beyond for our customers.

All of our technicians have a NATE Certification, so our customers can rest assured they are cooperating with true professionals. We believe that we can always improve our technical and social skills for a faster and better service. Therefore, all ABC heating and cooling technicians go through weekly training sessions.

These sessions also provide us with a chance to share knowledge and information about the latest products in the industry. We have our own training lab in Fresno. This is where our technicians stay sharp and learn from the best in the HVAC business.


However, no matter how much time and effort a company puts into its employees, it’s up to them to decide if they want to improve. But, we really want to guarantee the best service to our customers. As a result, our technicians go through frequent evaluations. So, when we say that we have fast, efficient, reliable, and professional people in our team, we can instantly prove it.

Dedication to provide you with the best services  

Beside heating and cooling services, we offer home energy audits, air sealing, wall and attic insulation, etc. But, whatever we do, we believe that providing a fast, reliable, and professional service is in our job description. Since we are dedicated to making our customers happy, we wanted to go a bit further than others in the field. Our biggest rewards are the happy customers and their honest reviews.

Our services include free estimates on new and replacement units, and 12 month parts & labor warranty. We offer an affordable diagnostic fee for service calls. When you call ABC Heating and Cooling, you’ll come across a friend ready to help you, not a salesman trying to steal your money. That is one of our greatest achievements and we are proud of it.